How it works

Here's how to make music with MicroJam:


You can browse other jams that have been uploaded or hit the "Jam!" tab to start a new one.


Tap, swirl, or swipe in the blue square to make your own tiny performance! Afterwards, hit "play" to hear what you've created. There's 9 instruments to try!


Use our AI Music Bot to make "RoboJam" layers top of your performance! Or reply to performances to build complex sounds!

In action

About MicroJam

MicroJam is a mobile app for sharing tiny touch-screen performances. Mobile applications that streamline creativity and social interaction have enabled a very broad audience to develop their own creative practices. While these apps have been very successful in visual arts (particularly photography), the idea of social music-making has not had such a broad impact. MicroJam includes several novel performance concepts intended to engage the casual music maker and inspired by current trends in social creativity support tools. Touch-screen performances are limited to 5-seconds, instrument settings are posed as sonic "filters", and past performances are arranged as a timeline with replies and layers. These features of MicroJam encourage users not only to perform music more frequently, but to engage with others in impromptu ensemble music making.

Research Goals

  • encourage everyday music-making with smartphones
  • investigate asynchronous and distributed smartphone performance
  • create generative microjams to mimic user styles


MicroJam is available on Github and archived at Zenodo. You can cite MicroJam via this DOI: DOI